The commentary offered by monorail employees is well received too. Enjoy learning all about what happened

behind the scenes

Introducing Carefully Chosen Plans Full of Nature from Yato Country Hills!
Experience rice planting in the rice fields of Yato. After planting rice, ...

A marine sport that first debuted in Chiba Port last autumn, it lets people have other-dimensional experiences where they fly through the air.

At “atelier D•D”, a glass studio located in Inage Ward, you can enjoy making traditional “Edo Kiriko Techniques” and

“Glass Beadmaking” crafts

Come try making your own handmade ceramics at Kattago, a place where quaint old homes and storehouses built during Japan's mid-Edo Period (circa 1735) can still be seen.

At Yokota Farm, visitors can enjoy all sorts of crops throughout the seasons.In this strawberry picking tour, visitors can eat as many of 4 different kinds of strawberries

From common to rare types, there are 14 different kinds of strawberries to taste during 30 minutes of all-you-can-eat strawberry picking.

Come take a walk with a guide who specializes in Chiba City.In this tour, visitors will explore seven famous spots created in honor of the seven stars in the Big Dipper believed i

Come experience the nature of a “Satoyama” (mountain village) in the Yato area, one of the best known “Satoyama” areas throughout Japan.