Make the most of nature of spring in Japan! “Satoyama” Eco-Tour

A “Satoyama” with an rich natural environment. Visitors can enjoy a lecture by an expert guide as they walk and explore.

▲Challenge yourself with making pizza!

Stone-cooked pizza-making workshop also available!

Come experience the nature of a “Satoyama” (mountain village) in the Yato area, one of the best known “Satoyama” areas throughout Japan.

After attending a lecture from a “Satoyama” expert, visitors will take part in a stone-cooked pizza workshop, where they will be able to eat the pizza they make on the spot.

In the afternoon, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the nearby rice fields and bamboo mountain and dig up any protruding bamboo shoots they find, in addition to walking around the Yato area campgrounds and observing a variety of natural plants and wild birds. Come and enjoy one of Japan’s most precious natural environments.

Plan Number 9
Designated Dates (Mon) May 18
Hours 10:00am -3:00pm
Registration Deadline 5pm, (Fri) May 15
Prices Adult (18+): ¥5000 / Child (Age 6–17): ¥3000 / (5 and under) Free

Basic Info

Minimum Participants 6+
Maximum Participants 15 (in order of registration)
Time 5 hour
Things to bring Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, sneakers, hat, towel, change of clothes
Meeting spot Bus stop #3, Chiba Urban Monorail Chishirodai Station. Guide will wait at the meeting spot!
Address 70 Yato-cho, Wakaba Ward, Chiba City (Not the designated meeting spot)
Access Chiba Urban Monorail Chishirodai Station
Note Will be canceled in the event of inclement weather. If canceled, visitors will be contacted no later than 6pm on the prior day.
【Host】 “Watashi no Inaka” Yato Workshop

Application method


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  • (5) On the day of your reservation, please go to the designated meeting spot 15 minutes before your reservation.
  • (6) Please pay the fees in Japanese yen when you arrive on the day of your reservation.

  • If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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  • Phone : 080-6800-6730 *Available from 10:00am to 6:00pm for the period of Thu., May 7 until Thu., May 21

Please arrive at the location for every plan at least 15 minutes early.
Please be ready to pay your participation fees on-site.


Q: Can I make a reservation when a plan is already full?
A: Yes, you can. If someone cancels, your reservation will then already be in place.
Q: Are there any cancelation fees?
A:No, there aren’t.
However, canceling can greatly inconvenience the other participants, so please refrain from doing so unless it’s really necessary.
Q: Do I get something if I make a reservation?
A:No, we don’t use tickets or anything like that.
Q: Can I pay in advance?
A:No, I’m afraid not. All plans must be paid in cash on site.

There is a possibility that each plan may be photographed.
Please be aware that you may end up being photographed as well.